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We provide a SEO consulting package that gives your website a solid upper hand in search engines. We review your on-page enhancement, apply improvement methods, and concentrate on your company’s end goal. Next, creating altered SEO bundle based around your websites’ needs. Our SEO Consulting Package can improve visibility from beginning to end. We’ll work with you to make a sound judgment procedure, introduce your competitions, and demonstrate where to concentrate to succeed.


Website Audit

Our website audit will dig into your websites’ present state, identify problems, and give suggestions to correct these issues.

Keyword Research

We cater keyword research to understand which keywords can be the most successful in your industry. The output is a rundown of centered keywords and expressions that will be utilized to mold a content marketing strategy around this research.

Keyword Rank Tracking

In addition to keyword research, we also offer Keyword Rank Tracking. This is for following your keyword rankings over search engines. Furthermore, we make point by point reports, and distinguish different keywords that can expand benefits and drive business development.

Citation Audits

Many companies have inconsistent business information advertised on their business listings. In the light of Incorrect business information such as a wrong address or inaccurate business names; incorrect information can affect your local search rankings. Therefore; we analyze your current local listings to help improve their consistency.

Google My Business Assistance

Google My Business is a free and simple to-utilize tool for organizations and associations to deal with their online activity all over Google. Furthermore; confirming that your business information is accurate, you can both enable clients to discover you and disclose to them the account of your business with the help of our SEO consulting experts.

Citation Recommendations

In addition to analyzing your current local business listing; we also research your industry and provide a list of niche related listings that best fit your industry.

Content Marketing Strategy

A websites content plays a major part of its optimization for search engines. An analysis will be done for the keywords your website is optimized for and give our professional insight on how to optimize your content.

Google Webmaster Tools Setup

Once your website is fully optimized we recommend setting up Google Webmaster Tools. This allows you to optimize and track how your website is doing.

Link Building Guidance

We give a list connections to other blogs, directories, and websites for you to reach out to. We enable you to reveal unopened open doors for growing traffic to your website.


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  • Website Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Rank Tracking
  • Citation Audits
  • Google My Business Assistance
  • Citation Recommendations
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Google Webmaster Tools Setup
  • Link Building Guidance



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